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We share the second coming of Christ


Welcome to Manzese Seventh-Day Adventist Church in East Central Tanzania Conference, of the South Tanzania Union Mission. The church is located in Sinza Dar Es Salaam which serves a big population near the Sinza, Manzese, Tandale and the surroundings.

We are happy that you have chosen to visit our site. It is our desire to share with you the latest events, activities and plans relating to our church hence we are so blessed to welcome you to join us in worshiping God the creator of the entire universe and sharing a love of God together.

Come join us as we explore our faith, renew our hope, and share the love of God made known in Christ. We are here because we rejoice in the security of Jesus' love as revealed on the Cross of Calvary, where He loved us 'to the end of love' by dying for us.

Pastor Amos Lutebekela

Jiunge Nasi Wiki Hii

2:00 - 4:45 asubuhi - Sabbath School
4:45 asubuhi - 6:00 mchana - Main Sermon
8:00 mchana - 10:00 alasiri - Idara mbalimbali
10:00 alasiri - 12:00 jioni - Vipindi Mbali mbalimbali
12:00 jioni - 12:30 jioni - Kufunga Sabato
11:00 jioni - 12:30 jioni - Maombi
11:30 jioni - 12:30 jioni - Kufungua Sabato